“Your Music Out Loud in the USA Song Competition” began in 2015 and was developed for unsigned and/or independent artists/songwriters & bands who have been looking for that big “INTERNATIONAL” break.

As many know it is nearly impossible these days to be signed to major or even independent record and publishing labels and for those that do the contracts that have to be signed, unless the artist/songwriter or band is very lucky, often come with many disadvantages such as long terms, change of A&R Personal, Loss of creative control, high percentages and royalties, having to be shared with the labels and having to pay back the high costs of production and promotion which can lock artists/songwriters & bands into contracts for years till it’s all paid back.

This competition was designed to give someone we believe that has what it takes to really break through with their song and vocal ability, with no strings attached!

We are not too concerned with the production of the song entries, as we are not judging the arrangement or production of the song. Often the rougher the song demo the better as it allows us to hear the overall strength of the song and vocal. Of course the clearer the vocal the better so to showcase the singer’s vocal ability and vocal tone and so we can hear the lyrics.

The winning song is chosen purely on the strength of the song and vocal.

We accept any genre and style of song as the producers we chose are experts so won’t take anything away from your genre/style or originality if anything they will only help to develop your style and originality, after all you could be the next big thing!

All of our judges and representatives in KJ International music group are top of the line music professionals from music producers, songwriters, artists, managers, promoters, radio announcers and a few Publishers and A&R Personal that is keeping an eye on the talent coming through.

We take no %’s or royalties from the winning song as we want to help give unsigned/independent artists/songwriters and bands that opportunity to get out there with their music and to see where this opportunity will take them.

For all those entering this year “Your Music Out Loud in the USA Song Competition”, we would like to wish you the best of luck as we begin to listen to all the songs that are coming in!

From The Team At KJ International Music Group and Your Music Out Loud